Sober Carpenter

Sober Carpenter 0% Beer

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Sober Carpenter is a craft microbrewery from Montréal specialising in full flavoured non-alcoholic beer.

Available this week in Rousse (Irish Red) and Blanche (Belgian White).



Balanced, easy drinking beer with a moderate malt character full of caramel and toasted notes. The deep reddish copper colour comes from crystal malt and a small dose of highly kilned grain, including roasted barley.

Pairs well with everyday recipes like roasted or grilled chicken, roasted veggies and cheddar.



Medium to a medium-light body filled with citrus notes and hints of coriander. Medium carbonation followed by a smoothness and light creaminess from unmalted wheat and oats.

…in other words the perfect balance of citrus and Canadian wheat to satisfy your taste buds…

Great with lighter dishes such as steamed mussels, salmon, or salads.