Fogolar 2019 Picone Vineyard Cabernet Franc Rosé


Elevated single vineyard rosé that brings sophistication to barbecue and dishes with complex flavours. Produced from Cab Franc grapes - the varietal for which Fogolar is quickly earning a reputation - this rosé showcases the unique terroir of the Picone Vineyard, located atop the edge of the Niagara Escarpment in the Vinemount Ridge subappellation.

Saignée* from skins after 4 hours of skin contact and barrel fermented and aged in neutral French oak barriques, this rosé shows cherries, raspberry, rhubarb, and baking spices on the nose. Layered and textured on the palette with roundness and juicy acidity. 

This wine underwent minimal handling in the cellar, and as such, may contain a light layer of tartrates or "wine diamonds". Though uncommon in many wines today, these crystals of tartaric acid are harmless and safe to consume. In fact, many sommeliers regard them as a mark of quality and restraint by the winemaker.

*Saignée involves the removal (bleeding off or draining off) of a proportion of juice from a tank of crushed red grapes. This technique increases the amount of skins relative to juice in the tank and typically results in a concentration effect, producing richer wines with more colour and tannin. -Australian Wine Research Institute