Black Bank Hill 'The Chards' 6pk


Take our word for it, Black Bank Hill's chardonnay will come to be known as some of the very best anywhere. This three-pack is the perfect exploration opportunity with two bottle from the début vintage and three bottles from the new 2019 release - exclusive to Archives!

2x 2018 Chardonnay

Foxcroft Vineyard, Twenty Mile Bench VQA.

Extremely well-balanced Chardonnay in a classic style, showing citrus and stone fruits, good acidity, mid-palate creaminess, and a seam of smoke from a delicate treatment of oak.

3x 2019 Chardonnay,

Foxcroft Vineyard, Twenty Mile Bench VQA.

A direct follow up to the astounding dèbut 2018 Chardonnay, and from the same 2 rows of vines, but this time with 33% new French oak. The fruit is fresher and acids higher in the 2019 vintage, integrating wonderfully with the oak, producing an even bigger Chardonnay than the first vintage.