Ogham Craft Spirits

An exciting new distillery in Ottawa, Ogham ("owe-gum") is the passion project of former engineer Adam Brierley. He founded his small operation on three principles; transparency, sustainability, and supporting local.

All their spirits are made with local water from the Lanark Highlands, local grain and botanicals from the Ottawa Valley, and a custom Canadian-made copper pot still. The distillery embraces seasonality and the natural variation between batches that reflects their steadfast commitment to sourcing what grows nearby. They also embrace environmental responsibility with a robust glass recycling programme and reuse of spent grains with local farmers.

Ogham is named after an ancient Irish alphabet which dates back to the 4th century. Each of the characters are named after various trees. These symbols were chosen as a reminder that the distillery should draw inspiration from the nature around it.

We're extremely pleased to share Ogham's unique spirits with you. We think this craft distillery is one to watch, and hope you'll join us for a taste!


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