Ogham Traditional Poitín - Batch 2 (6pk)


Every glass of whisky begins its life as poitín [potcheen]. Meaning “little pot”, poitín is an un-aged Irish-style spirit; made from entirely Canadian grain and double-distilled in Ogham's custom copper pot, the traditional way. 

Unaged, this smooth, colourless spirit does not yet have the caramel, oak, or vanilla flavours that come from time in the barrel. This means that the spirit is purely a showcase of what the grains have to offer. Ogham's grains are entirely farmed between Kanata and Pakenham, in the Ottawa Valley, and include malted barley, unmalted barley, corn, and a unique hulless oat bred at Ottawa’s Experimental Farm.

Nose: hay, cut grass, malt

Palate: bran, oatmeal, pepper, mezcal

Sip over ice or serve in lieu of vodka to add a sweet, biscuity essence to your cocktails.